Specialist BMW and Mini Auto That Let You Save Fortune On Car Repair and Service Costs After Motorplan

Did you know that mechanical breakdowns can cost you a small fortune? Now you can have peace of mind by getting repairs for mechanical and electric failures. Don’t face the burden of massive, unforeseen car expenses after motorplan. Get a quote now from a company where you save on car repair and service costs so you can take vacation the savings!

  • Huge Savings on main dealer prices
  • Have peace of mind by eliminating unforeseen expenses
  • 24 hour emergency assistance included
  • All work is fully guaranteed
  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Fast turnaround times



Huge Savings

Reduce your car repair and maintenance by half and take a vacation on the savings

Car In Good Shape

With B-MA Services you can continue having your car in good shape even after it goes out of motor plan

Emergency Assistance

Phone our super quick, 24 hour emergency assistance to help you when you are stuck.