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Sign Up For Our Newsletter! This isn’t your typical loud guy. I’m not claiming to know everything cars related. Instead, I’m just a regular guy working hard in my bay. So who am I? You’re smart to ask this question. So let me explain. I’m not one of those so called BMW specialists who make money from heavily inflating figures as so extra work that isn’t necessarily required. My name is Lebogang Lekalakala, I own a Pretoria North business called B-MA Services. At 35, I was named the overall winner of the South African Breweries KickStart Boost. I service and repairs BMW and Mini Cooper vehicles that are no longer under a motor plan. I started from the bottom and used to work at a BMW plant. I was so passionate about cars that I decided to leave my day job (when I had saved enough money) In 2011, I started my own business of servicing and repairing BMW and Mini Cooper vehicles that were no longer under a motor plan. I literally went to people’s houses to market what I had to offer. And by 2015 I had a proper structure and business. It sickens me to see these dishonest people. Some of those guys are still around today. You might have seen them before. If you’ve been tricked by someone over-promising and under-delivering… It’s NOT your fault. These mechanic snake oil peddlers are masters at deception. They’ll use every trick in the book to take your money. But when it comes to actually helping you? That’s when they screw you over. And put you under a lot of stress. Stuck with unexpected maintenance costs, lost, and even more confused. My goal today is to end this vicious cycle. And make it my mission to help out the “little guys” from the bottom. I decided enough is enough! People shouldn’t be stripped of their hard-earned money… Just because they’re eager to a peace of mind. As you can imagine, this letter will upset a lot of people. But I don’t care. I’m not doing this to boost my status or ego. I couldn’t care less about making “more money”. This isn’t about me. I’m writing this letter to help YOU! Once I tell you this secret, it’s possible for you to FINALLY live the “stress free life” you’ve been hoping. So what IS the secret? And why is it so powerful? More importantly, why am I the ONLY person you can get it from? I’m about to answer ALL these questions (and more). Let me share with you…

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